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Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners, Uk is one of the largest professional body duly registered and accredited in United Kingdom. It has been dedicated to fostering quality education in the UK and beyond. We are committed to promoting qualitative education in developing countries especially in Africa through teachers who are directly involved in training and academic activities.

CIEPUK has been acting as the voice of the academic profession for over 12 years through academic programs. Our aim is to continue to raise the visibility of the great work of academic professionals and their current challenges.


To have educational impact in the life of humanity and promote quality education and successful career in education.


The sole mission of CIEPUK is to empower intellectuals that have the vision to contribute immensely to educational growth.

Membership Categories

Our Categories of Membership


Student membership is for those that are still studying irrespective of the level of studies. We provide this opportunity to students with ambition to be in the teaching profession after graduation. The student will be able to benefit from all programs of the association.

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The graduate membership is for those who are done with studies. They may be applicants or employed. There is opportunity for anyone in this category to explore the benefits of CIEPUK while waiting to be employed or make use of the benefits that this association offers while in the academic profession.

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This grade of membership is for those with a minimum of Bachelor degree. The members should also have other academic experiences which should be clearly shown on the resume.

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Full Membership

This grade of membership is for those with a minimum of Bachelor degree, and at least two publications. The members should also have other academic experiences which should be clearly shown on the resume.

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Fellowship is one of the highest membership grades that can be attained, which the Board of Trustees can bestow on a member. It allows a member to refer to themselves as a Fellow of the CIEPUK and use the 'FCIEPUK' designatory title.

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Chartered status is a quality standard for educational practitioners, demonstrating excellence in all academic involvements. Member must demonstrate substantial contributions to educational development globally through verified works. In addition to academic qualification, member must provide minimum of five publications and other academic contributions.

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CIEPUK membership have numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits...

Members in tens of thousands worldwide

Membership of the Institute is now over 10,000. It carries a great deal of benefits. These include receiving Institute Journal and other publications. The use of Institutes ties, badges and stickers. The Institute offers opportunities for business connections, nationally and internationally.

Attend Seminars and Workshops Worldover

Our periodic seminars, conventions, symposia, overseas travel-business trips, all at reduced fees expose members to business opportunities and employment and broaden our management ability and know-how.

Regular Profeesional Trainings

The Institute organizes regularly workshops, conferences under the auspices of its membership Education and Training Scheme at a very reduced charge. The aim is to constantly keep members up to date on the professional skill and knowledge called for in this new millennium.

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